To capture a story, the atmosphere of that,

beyond the bark, underneath the skin,

inbetween the lines, or what is felt in the air.

That unknown light shiver,in the summer breeze.

Zdenka Klanicová / 24. 10. 1964 / Brno / Czech Republic 

Expresses feelings and messages in the air. Impressions from the moment. Leans towards impressionism.

Artist, sculptor and experimentator with energy and space. Her creations in 2D cover oil paintings, acrylic, pastels, graphic and other art techniques. In 3D she creates sculpts from wires, ceramics, sandstone and combined techniques.

She also builds natural sculpts from branches, grass and hay. When the weather is nice, she spends her time outside creating sculpts from available (mostly natural) materials.

Throughout her life she has been interested in nature - plants, animals and energy. She captures the warm inner energy of existence into its vibrating network. Expresses feelings and atmosphere.

She first studied pottery at the academic sculptor Jiří Kemr in Kunštát in Moravia. The she studied technology and art history at the School of Arts and Crafts in Prague. She completed her education with Professor Vladimír Preclík in the Sculpture Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology.

Since the 80s he has been actively exhibiting in galleries throughout the Czech Republic. Her paintings can also be found in private collections in Austria, Germany and Japan. She has participated in the Porta Culturae project and is a member of the art club Žeň žen. She helped the establishment of the art centers Skleněná louka, Zadní trakt and Spodní trakt. Together with stage designer Kateřina Bláhová she designs scenes in Divadlo na provázku and HaDivadlo.

Throughout her life she has been interested in nature - plants, animals and their energy. She creates in her studio in Brno in the middle of the garden. The paintings therefore contain majestic animals with a hypnotic look as well as natural sceneries and abstract motifs.

Paintings of Zdeňka Klanicová have the potential of energy emitters, which is why they are also used to meditate or harmonize space.